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There are many professional employer organization service providers on the market. In terms of PEO outsourcing, seek no further than Gosset Group Planning. We’ll help match you with the best PEO, so you can focus on your core competencies.

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What is a PEO?

PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization. These companies provide comprehensive human resource and employee management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Most PEOs serve as co-employers who handle payroll and human resource-related tasks. They will also manage all the employee-related responsibilities and liabilities.

Role of PEO and How does it Work?

PEO will focus on employment-related areas like payroll and employee tax compliance, HR administration, retirement plans, and employee benefit programs.

Shared Responsbilities between SMB & PEO

Once the co-employment relationship has been established, both the SMB and PEO will share certain employment responsibilities.
The SMB will keep complete ownership and continue to manage its regular business operations. This means they retain responsibility for product development and production.

Reduce Liability with PEO

Running a business means you are prone to various risks, such as safety issues, lawsuits, tax compliance, workers’ compensation claims, and more.
One perk of working with a PEO is the reduction of liability. This means they will help shoulder the burden of risk and liability.

PEO is Employer of Record

This will make PEO the employer of record because they will have all employment tasks even if they don’t have management or supervisory roles.
While PEOs assist the client company with employee recruitment and reduction of employee turnover, they won’t make hiring and firing decisions.

Use Offers like Worker Compensation & EPLI

Many PEOs offer workers’ compensation and Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) that protect the
client company from employment lawsuits. They will not only provide legal and financial protections but also save you from getting buried in employment-related paperwork.

Our Services

What We Do?

PEO Solutions

Our primary objective is to provide an outsourcing solution to address your HR challenges. When you choose us, we will walk you through every step of the process.

PEO Consultations

The PEO underwriting process involves conducting research and determining the risk that each provider brings to the table.We are ready to make PEO underwriting and selection as easy as possible.

PEO New York

Based in New York, Gosset Group Planning is a top-notch PEO company that offers top-notch services to different small businesses. We stand out from a pool of more than 900 PEO providers in the entire US.

What are the

Services that PEOs Offer?

PEO for small businesses allows clients to outsource their HR and administrative needs. They help their client companies with services that increase business efficiency while reducing various risks. Some of the services provided by a PEO include:

Payroll Processing
Employment Benefits Administration and Disbursement
Workers’ Compensation Management
Employee Liability and Compliance

Employee Recruitment and Administration

Aside from offering better employee benefits, PEOs offer smoother HR experience taking over the job recruitment and onboarding processes. They also handle the training and development of employees.

Working with a PEO will help ease concerns about employee-related tasks like running payroll, distributing employee benefits, managing paperwork, and complying with current labor and employment laws. They will take the stress out of your day-to-day operations so that you can focus on what really matters.

Why Do You Need PEO Broker?

With more than 900+ PEOs in the US, how do you know which one is best suited for your company? Not all PEO is created equal, which is why small businesses need an expert who can guide them throughout the process.

A PEO broker like Gosset Group Planning can find the best PEO for your business without all the hassle. At our company, we have experienced and highly trained brokers who can set you up with the right PEO. With expertise in human resources, we know exactly how to match you with outsourced HR providers quickly.

Again, what does PEO stand for? A PEO or professional employer organization is an outsourcing firm that addresses HR challenges that hamper business growth. With this in mind, PEO brokers are individuals who represent different PEOs from various industries. 

They make the PEO selection process easier and more seamless. Simply submit your information to one PEO broker who will then evaluate it to find the best pricing and PEO solutions for your needs.

How Can Small Businesses Afford To Give Employees Fortune 500-Like Benefits?

One of the challenges that business owners face is providing competitive employee benefits. Small businesses do not have as much budget as Fortune 500 companies. Expanding and customizing your benefits offerings can give your business a competitive advantage. 

Some small businesses work with insurance companies and alternative benefits providers to handle their benefits packages. However, they are expensive and not always customizable. Fortunately, there are industry experts and professionals that can guide you with benefits administration and related HR functions.

Administrative Services Organizations

Outsource some HR functions without without signing a co-employment agreement.

When it comes to benefits administration, there are also administrative services organizations (ASO) that you can count on. You will outsource some HR functions without signing a co-employment agreement. These organizations will handle your payroll and benefits package externally.

With the ASO model, the client company outsources some HR tasks and retains the liability. This means that the client company will fund the employee benefits package while the ASO is the one that administers it. Working with an ASO will save you money and help scale your business without breaking the budget.

PEO Insurance Brokers

They focus on choosing the best insurance options for you and your employees. PEOs offer group health insurance by negotiating with insurance companies for better deals. They pool the costs and needs of many small businesses together. In simple terms, you can get access to insurance with the help of a PEO.

By working with a PEO insurance broker, you can stay competitive while providing your employees with access to superb Fortune 500-like benefits. Aside from insurance, PEOs offer HR support and compliance assistance to improve efficiency and lower costs. They will serve as your gateway to the complex and confusing world of health insurance.

Why Are Competitive Benefits So Important?

Offering benefits to your employees is important to show that you care about them. Some employees appreciate a solid benefits package rather than pay raises. To maintain your competitive edge, you need to offer benefits based on your industry, location, and competitors.

Employees tend to receive higher benefit coverage in more competitive industries and better-paying states. Failing to do so will lead to a high employee turnover rate. Moreover, your competitors can recruit or “poach” your best employees when they provide a better employee benefits package than your company.

Professional PEO Consulting Services and Solutions

Our team of PEO brokers will determine your specific needs and assess the PEO and ASO options suitable for you. We offer a wide array of PEO solutions, including HR support, payroll processing, employee management services, and risk and compliance services.

Aside from this, we provide PEO consulting services to small businesses. We can connect you with PEOs and evaluate your options in terms of services, billing, and quoting techniques. Our side-by-side analysis will show you the strongest option available. We will do everything to make the complicated process simple and help you make an educated decision.

With our help, you will have less money and time evaluating PEO providers and confusing service packages. Our experienced team will keep you well-informed and bring you the most value by negotiating quotes on your behalf.

We are more than just PEO consultants—we are your partner in finding a PEO that aligns with your business goals.

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