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Through PEO solutions, we can turn your HR challenges into a competitive edge that can set your company up for growth and success.

PEO Solutions

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No two PEO companies are exactly the same. Unlike some PEO companies that only offer limited employee leasing or payroll services to their clients, Gosset Group Planning provides you with comprehensive PEO solutions at significantly reduced costs.

Our primary objective is to provide an outsourcing solution to address your HR challenges. When you choose us, we will walk you through every step of the process. Starting with the needs assessment that is used to identify the gaps between your current workplace condition and your goals. Using our targeted needs analysis, we will recommend a PEO solution that is the best fit for your organization’s needs.

As a PEO brokerage firm, we make sure to let our clients know what their concerns are. After the needs analysis, we will reach out to our network of qualified providers to request PEO proposals. We will conduct a marketplace comparison and comprehensive proposal reviews. Once you have reached an agreement with your chosen PEO, we will ensure a smooth implementation and execution.

Even if the underwriting process is done, our brokers will remain involved in the transition. You can treat us as a lifelong partner and an advocate on your behalf if you need our help and expertise.

Whether you are seeking HR services for small business, employee benefits management, employee administration, or risk and compliance solutions, we got your back! With our all-encompassing PEO solutions, you can grow your company faster, lower employee turnover, and reduce the chances of failing or going out of business.

HR Services

With human resource responsibilities becoming more time-consuming for small business owners, it’s only common that HR functions are likely to be outsourced. Gosset Group Planning will operate as an offsite HR department and serve as a valuable partner for your business.

We will link you with providers of comprehensive HR solutions. These services range from employee applications and pre-employment physical assessments to personnel tracking reports and government compliance. We can help meet a company that can manage your HR department today and give you up to 21 percent savings on HR administration. You can turn to us for the following:

Employee Handbooks
I-9 and W-4 Forms for New Employment

Warning and Termination Notices

Drug Screening and Criminal Background Checks

Personnel Tracking Reports

Employee Record Maintenance
Employee Reference Checks

Employment and Income Verifications

Child Support and Wage Garnishments

Employee Benefits Compliance (FMLA, COBRA, and Others)

Miscellaneous Training and Services

If you want to ensure that your employees are efficient and productive, then training and development are key. As a PEO broker, we can match you with PEOs that offer services that will enhance the skills and knowledge of your employees. Continuous training improves their morale while helping them get job security and job satisfaction. PEOs are experienced in providing the following:

Payroll Services

Start-ups and small businesses may not have an in-house accounting department that handles their payroll. This is why company owners and executives use PEOs to free up their time and focus their attention on the core business activities. At Gosset Group Planning, we can help you find the right PEO if you want to outsource your payroll functions.

We proud ourselves of our exceptional PEO payroll services. With us, you will get more than just payroll processing and administration. Our team will tailor our services so that you can have a payroll system that suits your organization’s needs. By employing a full-service approach, we can manage all payroll and tax-related tasks and ease any administrative burden.

Our payroll specialist and support team can handle the following tasks:

Online Payroll Processing

Departmental Approval and Reporting

Electronic Employee Onboarding and Termination

Employer W-2 Filing

Wage Garnishment and Related Administration

Employee Debit Card Processing

Tax Processing Services

Quarterly Tax Reporting and Reconciliation

Employee Tax Withholding

Professional employer organizations offer additional HR solutions alongside PEO payroll service and support. When you work with the PEO, you can access health insurance, workers’ compensation, and other employee benefits plans at lower costs. Indeed, finding and matching with the right PEO will make everything stress-free for both the business owner and employees. They will also help you every step of the way and ensure a smooth transition.

Let us find the very best pricing and PEO solution that is suitable for your payroll needs.

Employee Benefits

Aside from income, benefits and incentives will show how much you care about our employees and staff. Our team at Gosset Group Planning has the skills and resources to link you with an all-around PEO. Most PEOs specialize in employee benefits programs for small businesses. 

Even if you own a small business, you can still offer Fortune 500-like employee perks by going through a co-employment relationship with a PEO. Employee perks programs can be quite expensive when you buy from third-party vendors or insurance carriers. Thanks to PEOs, your company gets access to benefit plans at more competitive rates. The better the perks, the more you retain employee loyalty and retain your staff.

Whether you are looking for health insurance plans or retirement benefits for your employees, we have you covered. Our company also offers full-scale benefits administration and management services to improve employee retention and achieve a competitive advantage in the industry.

Our PEO healthcare plans are all cost-effective and compliant with the law. These health and related benefits include, but are not limited to:

Employee Administration

We are proud to say that we have a wide network of PEOs that can help you with all aspects of employee management services and administration. Most of the time, employee administration is on the back burner and not made a priority. This is not recommended since business owners should prioritize the needs of employees and new hires. A PEO can support your business by retaining current employees and supporting the new ones.

Recruitment Assistance

Rather than spending valuable time and resources in finding new employees, our team can help attract talent and build a great team. Our PEO recruitment services will avoid a bad hire and cut your losses. Let’s look at the ways that we can help your business:

Job Descriptions Writing
Job Posting
Resume Screening
Applicant Interviews
Criminal Background Checks
Credit Checks
Drug and Alcohol Testing
Personality Assessments

New Hire Support

Along with employee recruitment assistance, we can provide you with new hire support and an onboarding strategy. Having a well-implemented onboarding strategy will help integrate new employees into the company and reduce the turnover rate. Some of the things we will accomplish are:

Electronic Employee Onboarding

New Hire Handbooks and Forms

New Hire Orientation Program

Interview Training

Employee administration is more than just recruitment-related paperwork. It also involves employee transfers, expense reports, compensation calculations, and basically any HR services targeted at employees. A reliable and trusted PEO can handle all that so that you can focus on increasing your profits. Fortunately, we can create your business profile and match you with the ideal PEO.

Risk and Compliance

Running a business comes with certain risks that you need to manage and be aware of. You may be a business owner who has so much on your plate. When you’re so busy with your day-to-day operations, you might not have the time or resources to keep up with changing regulations regarding tax and benefits.

Luckily, there are experts who can assist you! PEOs can help ensure your business is compliant with the ever-changing government rules and policies and reporting requirements.

Our team is ready to assess whether your company is compliant with safety and health regulations and government policies. We have experts in risk management who can come on-site and provide assistance when it comes to workplace safety. 

As brokers, we can also connect you with other PEOs who can keep your business thriving with minimal risks and problems. Under a co-employment contract, a PEO can assess, develop, and monitor safety programs that your company must comply with.

Turn to a trusted risk and compliance expert team to maintain a safe work environment and reduce business issues, such as injuries, workers’ compensation claims, lawsuits, and payroll conflicts. PEO risk management can offer a wide range of solutions for your company:

Workplace Safety Improvements
PEO Workers’ Compensation Management
Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance
Master Group Workers’ Compensation Policy
Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation Policy
Workers’ Compensation Classification Codes Audit
Workers’ Compensation Claims Management
Leave of Absence Managemen
Return-To-Work Program
I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
OSHA Compliance and Support
Employee Policies and Notifications
Random Drug Testing
Safety, Loss Prevention, and Sexual Harassment Training
Issued Certificates of Insurance

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There are many ways your small business can benefit from using a PEO. Our dedicated team at Gosset Group Planning will do the research for you and take the burden off your back. Our goal is to provide you with top-notch PEO solutions your business needs. Call us today to learn more!